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Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting April 11, 2015 at 10th Hole

(to be reviewed and approved at the May 2, 2015 Board Meeting)

President Jon Papke called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM.


Jon Papke, President
Ed Collova, V.P.
Jim Buhil, Secretary
Marie King, Treasurer
Jack Burnell

David Guay
Chuck Eifler
Nancy Lewis
Dan Haumschild

Dennis Kruger Tony Rutter

Jon Papke reviewed the agenda for the meeting with the board members.  Added to the meeting agenda were the July 4th parade and the Burnett County Lakes Association meeting.

Jim Buhil read the minutes from the board meeting on January 10, 2015. Ed Collova motioned to accept the minutes, Chuck Eifler seconded the motion, motion passed.

Marie King gave the treasurer’s report. As of March 30, 2015 YLRA checking account balance was $92,485.69. Marie King received a letter stating YLRA is approved for a Non-Profit status. Marie will be reading over the rules YLRA needs to abide by for the Non-Profit status, and report to the board in the May meeting. Dave Guay made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Nancy Lewis seconded the motion, motion passed.

Ed Collova made a motion to donate $500.00 to the 4th of July fireworks display. Nancy Lewis seconded the motion, motion passed.

Dave Guay reported on AIS. Dave has been in contact with Eric Lindberg of Environmental Sentry Protection to have the three boat ramp cameras upgraded for more memory and audio triggering. Dave will receive a cost for this upgrade and present it to the board at the May meeting. Dave handed out the Aquatic Plant Management Plan Update to the board members. Dave has been in working with Cheryl from Harmony Environmental to set dates for two 2 hour meetings of a new advisory committee, which is presently being formed. The committee will consist of 6-8 members, with only one YLRA board member on the committee. Volunteers will be needed to make up the committee. The meetings will need to happen before permits can be applied for weed harvesting on Yellow River.

Ed Collova reported that the raising of the water level to summer levels has begun. Ed will have a meeting with WRE (power dam personnel) in April 2015, Dave Guay, Tony Rutter and Rick Doering will also be in attendance.

Marie King reported on the meat raffle. Marie will be running the meat raffle until May 2015, and then Dennis Kruger will take over for the summer. The PA system at Yellow Lake Lodge was brought up for discussion. More and better speakers would helpful for the meat raffles when it gets busy and people can’t hear the numbers called out side. Jim Buhil volunteered to find out more info and report back to the board at the May 2015 meeting.

Jon Papke discussed forming a membership committee to come up with ways to sign up new members. Membership for YLRA has been declining recently. Nancy Lewis volunteered to head up the committee, with Chuck Eifler, Marie King and Jack Brunell assisting Nancy.

Natural gas update: Chuck Eifler will meet with Chuck Govin from WE Energy, to get an update on the natural gas expansion. Chuck said he will have this information for the next newsletter.

Ed Collova volunteered to pursue having a float for YLRA in the July 4th street parades. An article in the next newsletter will possibly have information on 4th of July boat parades.

YLRA has been invited to attend the Burnett County Lakes Association meeting. Chuck Eifler and Ed Collova will attend this meeting when meeting dates are announced.

Dave Guay motioned to allow Ed Collova to spend up to $100.00 for wheels for the dock at the north boat ramp. YRLA owns the dock and it is in need of repair. Marie King seconded the motion, motion passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am.

Submitted by,
Jim Buhil, Secretary