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Webster, WI54893

Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting April 13, 2013 at Zia Louisa

(To be reviewed and approved at the May 18, 2013 Board Meeting)

President Ed Collova called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.


Ed Collova, President
Ken Schultz, Secretary
Marie King, Treasurer
David Quay 

Jayne Schwartz
Jon Papke
Chuck Eifler, Alternate

Carol Schjei, V.P.
Dennis Kruger
Tony Rutter

Ken reviewed the Minutes from the Jan 5, 2013 Board Mtg. David made a motion for approval, seconded by Jayne, and the motion passed

Marie handed out a copy of the Treasurer's financial statement for the 2012 calendar year (copy attached) showing a checking account balance as of 12/31/2012 of $65,509.56. The balance as of 4/6/13 was $64,244.27 and the last check written as of 4/6/13 was #5715. Marie will meet with the auditor on Wednesday to start to prepare the certified YLRA financial audit. A billing statement has been received from Environmental Sentry Protection for $2976 for the first 6 months of 2013 the camera sentry protection services. The 1099 forms for Dennis Kruger and John Klatt for 2012 have not been sent out as yet. Marie will work with the auditor the process these forms. Ed will let Dennis and John know these forms are to be expected. David made a motion for approval of the Treasurer's Report, seconded by Jon and the motion passed.

Ken reported on the YLRA History File. The board had previously approved the purchase of a $300 plus two sided scanner for copying the yearly YLRA documents prior to incorporating them into the History File at BCHS. Ken instead had the documents scanned unto a flash drive at CrexTechs in Grantsburg for $25. The board approved of this method for the future instead of the 12 year payback for a scanner to be used only once a year. Ken gave Marie the 2012 flash drive of the documents for the YLRA safe deposit box.

The next newsletter needs to be started with articles received by April 25. We need to get a reservation number for the June 8, 2013 Picnic at Ike Walton's. The picnic will be free for the Association members.

A discussion was held on whether the Fall Membership meeting at the Fort on Sept 14, 2013 should again include a free lunch for the membership. The Fort has increased the cost of the luncheon from $13 to $14. Ken made a motion that the lunch again this year be free, seconded by David and the motion passed. Both the free lunch at the picnic and Fall Meeting will be covered in the next newsletter and on the website. Ken gave Marie a copy of the contract between YLRA and the Fort covering the Fall Mtg.

Ed informed the board of Rick Doering's resignation as Committee Chairman of the Water Level Committee. Alternate board member Chuck Eifler volunteered to look into the responsibilities of this position and let the board know if he is willing to assume it. Ed will set up a meeting for Chuck with Rick for this evaluation. Chuck will also review the History File, Volume #6 covering the Danbury Dam/flooding/low water.

Dave led a discussion on the DASH (Diver-Assisted Suction Harvesting) method of controlling Curly leaf Pond Weed. David's article in the last newsletter covered this method of controlling invasive species. Jon said there is an organized group of divers in this area and a member of it works at the hardware store in Danbury. Dave will check into this group, discuss the system with Bill Yorkson, check into the costs, look at the possibility of a test area and report back at the May meeting.

Ed brought up the meat raffle for discussion .Ed will look into and make recommendation of a sound system for the Association to purchase for use at our picnic, fall meeting and meat raffles. It was decided we should look for a meat raffle manager for Feb, March & April. Ed will draft an ad for that position for review by the board members. Jon suggested the website regarding the meat raffle needs to be reviewed for possible improvements. Dave volunteered to do this.

The next board meeting will be May 18, 2013 at 8:00 AM at Zia Louisa.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kenneth Schultz, Secretary