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Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting April 9, 2016 at 10th Hole

(to be reviewed and approved at the May 14, 2016 Board Meeting)

President Jon Papke called the meeting to order at 8:01 AM.


Jon Papke, President
Ed Collova, V.P.
Jim Buhil, Secretary
Marie King, Treasurer
Jack Burnell

Rich Kenny
Chuck Eifler
Tim McGannon
Dan Haumschild

Bill Powell Tony Rutter

Secretary’s Report - Jim Buhil read the minutes from the YLRA board meeting held on Jan. 9th 2016 at The 10th Hole.

Also read were the email motions made, seconded and voted on via email on the I-Lids update and AIS Harmony invoice. Both motions passed. 

Chuck Eifler motioned to accept the minutes as read. Ed Collova seconded the motion, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report - Marie King is back from vacation. No balance was available since deposits from meat raffles while she was gone were not entered yet. Ed Collova made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Jim Buhil seconded the motion, motion passed.

AIS – Jack Brunell presented an idea to the board to put grabbers at the three landings for people to use to clean weeds off boats and trailers. Jack was requesting $200.00 for the grabbers, holders and signs. Jim Buhil made a motion to approve $200.00 for this project. Ed Collova seconded the motion, motion passed.

Rich Kenny has had meetings with Cheryl Clemens from Harmony. They have been discussing the steps needed to harvest weeds on the Yellow River. Cheryl is working with the DNR to get permits for the harvesting. The contractor that does harvesting is booked for 2016, so no harvesting will be done this year.

Water Quality – No report is available at this time from Jack Brunell.

Water Level – Ed Collova is seeking more information about the effect of the fire at the dam in January 2016.

Meat Raffle – Tim McGannon is still looking for help running the meat raffles. Ed Collova made a motion to buy two megaphones for the meat raffles, with a limit of $250.00. Chuck Eifler seconded the motion, motion passed. The megaphones will assist in calling the winning ticket numbers outside this summer when it is busy.

Membership – There was no report, as Bill Powell was not present.

Newsletter – Marie King will be mailing out the newsletter after the May 14th, 2016 YLRA board meeting.

Website – Jon Papke wants to update the YLRA website to tell what the meat raffle supports, and when and where it is held. Also, to tell what the YLRA goals and missions are.

Other Business – It has been incorrectly published that YLRA has been sponsoring an ice fishing tournament. YLRA is not sponsoring any tournaments. YLRA is pursuing getting these publications changed by their editors.

The dock at the north landing on Yellow Lake needs new level adjustment winches. Chuck Eifler made a motion for Ed Collova to purchase and install the winches. Marie King seconded the motion, motion passed.

Picnic – June 11th, 2016 is the date for the picnic at Whitetail’s. Food and arrangements are made.

Japanese Knotweed - Ed Collova is working on a permission letter for the land owners with knotweed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 am.

Submitted by Jim Buhil, Secretary