PO Box 342
Webster, WI54893

Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting August 10, 2013 at Zia Louisa

(To be reviewed and approved at the 9/14/13 Board Meeting)

President Ed Collova called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.


Ed Collova, President
Carol Schjei, V.P.
Ken Schultz, Secretary
Marie King, Treasurer
David Quay 

Jon Papke
Jayne Schwartz
Dennis Kruger
Tony Rutter
Chuck Eifler, Alternate



Ken gave the secretary's report from the 6/8/13 board meeting. Tony made a motion that the Minutes be approved, seconded by David, and the motion passed.

Marie's treasurer's report showed a bank balance of $76707.00 and #5748 as the last check written. We have received the last payment of $9002.88 on the I-LIDS grant from the DNR. Tony made a motion for approval of the report, seconded by Dennis, and the motion passed.

Marie has been meeting with Rochelle Taylor of Avion Accounting Inc., Siren, WI, on the YLRA financial position. Avion no longer does Certified Financial Audits. It is estimated that to have another firm do a financial audit would cost from $3000 to $5000. Avion continues to do tax returns and registrations for tax free status. Marie will continue to work with Rochelle on these items. Jon made a motion that YLRA should file for "Tax Exempt" status and if that is not possible then we should file for "Not for Profit" status. Dave seconded the motion and the motion passed. Ken made a motion that YLRA do a Certified Financial Audit every three years. Tony seconded the motion but the motion was defeated. Jon suggested that the President or a board member meet every year with the treasurer and review the financial accounting. It was also suggested that we prepare a yearly check-off list so that we are always on top of our financial reporting.

Ed said that Shelly Pederson is willing to help Marie with the newsletter work and membership list.

Ed reported that YLRA has purchased a used sound system for $175 from the snowmobile club.

The fall membership meeting at the Fort on 9/14/13 was discussed. The luncheon will be free for the membership. Marie, Carol, Jayne and Linda Collova will work the registration and garment sales tables. Jayne will arrange for soda, mineral water and ice. Carol and Marie will bring two large coolers. Ken will work on the set up of the meeting room before the day of the meeting and have Pam Yorkson post the details of the Fall Meeting on the website. Board members should plan to be at the meeting by 10:30 AM. Ed will contact Sheriff Ryan of the water patrol to see if he is willing to speak to the membership and Dave will check with Dave Ferris of the DNR with same request. Dave will give a report on DASH.

The election of new board members was discussed. To date we only have 3 candidates for the 4 open board positions and none for the 2 alternate board positions. Jon will check with a member who might be interested. Ken will arrange for election judges.

Dennis discussed the meat raffle that continues to do very well. Dennis will oversee the raffle from May.10 through Nov 1. John Klatt, who has been running the raffle in Dennis absence, is no longer able to do it. Marie will prepare a calendar that will be used to secure volunteer teams for the 6 winter months. David has not as yet reviewed the website information on the meat raffle but he will do so shortly.

Dave discussed the DASH process for controlling curly leaf pondweed. He has had correspondence with Mark Sundeen, Water Resource Management Specialist with the DNR, who has told him that DASH has been used in a few applications around the state of Wisconsin. Dave continues to check with Jerry Davis, president of Aquacleaner Environmental, the manufacturer of the equipment used in the process.

Tony needs more information before he can perform as the chairman of the Water Level Committee. Ed suggested that Tony stop at Rick Doering's for the information he needs.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kenneth Schultz, Secretary