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Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting January 18, 2014 at Zia Louisa

(To be reviewed and approved at the April 12, 2014 Board Meeting)

President Jon Papke called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.


Jon Papke, President
Ed Collova, V.P.
Ken Schultz, Secretary
Marie King, Treasurer

David Guay
Nancy Lewis
Chuck Eifler
Tony Rutter


Dennis Kruger Pat Amundsen, Alternate

Tony, Chairman of the Water Level Committee, reported on the Yellow River-Lakes Fall Mtg he attended on Nov 14, 2013 at Yellow Lake Lodge to discuss the Danbury Hydro operations. The meeting was arranged by Gary Rast, The Regulatory/Compliance Manager of Renewable World Energies, LLC., the operating company of the dam, Rick Doering, past chairman of the YLRA Water Level Committee, was also in attendance. It was felt that the lakes and river level was managed very well last year. Tony had a tour of the Danbury Dam after the meeting.

Tony brought to the Board's attention a large bog that has broken free from somewhere in Yellow Lake and deposited itself on the shore beside the water level measuring station at the public landing at Yellow Lake Lodge. It was decided that Dave will notify the Burnett County Park and Recreation and the DNR of this problem and that Ed Collova will follow up when he returns from Mexico.

Ken gave the Secretary's report covering the Board Mtg on Nov 2, 2013. Dave made a motion for approval, seconded by Ed, and the motion carried.

Marie's Treasurer's report gave a bank balance as of 12/30/13 of $84799.52 with the last check on that day being #5775. Marie said the YLRA tax report for 2013 will be submitted in May 2014. The application for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for YLRA will be mailed next week. Ken made a motion that the YLRA Conflict of Interest Policy be adopted with the changes discussed. Marie seconded the motion and the motion was passed. Ken made a motion that the Treasurer's report be approved, seconded by Dave and the motion carried.

Marie discussed the need for obtaining volunteers for the meat raffle in Dennis' absence. It is an ongoing problem and Marie has been doing the bulk of the work. Marie will go south from Feb 23 to April 16 and others need to step forward. Board members volunteered to fill some of the gaps in the schedule. Ed and Linda have been preparing the tickets for the meat raffle but they now will be gone to Mexico. Dave volunteered to do the ticket preparation in Ed's absence.

Dave reported on the response to the letter asking for input on the weed problem from the property owners on Little Yellow Lake. Of the 93 letters mailed we received responses from 25 (27%). Dave will make copies of the letters for the board members as well as prepare a thank you letter to the responders. The letter will request volunteers to be committee members for the work involved. Dave will also prepare an article covering this issue for the newsletter.

Marie made a motion seconded by Nancy that Ken contact Matt Berg and contract with him, for a cost not to exceed $1800, to do an Aquatic Plant Survey of Little Yellow Lake and Danbury Flowage in the spring of 2014. The motion carried.

Meeting dates established for 2014 are as follows:

April 12, 2014

Board Mtg

May 10, 2014

Board Mtg

June 7, 2014

Picnic at White Tail

July 12, 2014

Board Mtg

August 9, 2014

Board Mtg

Sept 13, 2014

Fall Meeting at the Fort

It was decided that the rewording of the YLRA Mission Statement would be worked on this Spring.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted
Kenneth Schultz, Secretary