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Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting January 5, 2013 at Zia Louisa

(To be reviewed and approved at the April 13, 2013 Board Meeting)

President Ed Collova called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.


Ed Collova, President
Ken Schultz, Secretary
Marie King, Treasurer
David Quay 

Jayne Schwartz
John Papke, Alternate
Chuck Eifler, Alternate

Carol Schjei, V.P.
Dennis Kruger
Tony Rutter

Ken reviewed the Minutes from the Sept 15, 2012 Board Mtg. David made a motion for approval, seconded by Jayne, and the motion passed.

Marie's treasurer report shows a Dec 30, 2012 bank balance of $65199.27. Marie will provide Ken with the numbers on the checks written. Marie is working on the yearend financial report and she will meet with the certified financial auditor. Jayne made a motion for approval of Marie's report, seconded by David and the motion passed.

Ed announced that Bill Yorkson has resigned from YLRA Board of Directors. Bill was lauded for his efforts and accomplishments on behalf of YLRA. Bill is willing to continue volunteering for YLRA. The board decided to transition responsibility as follows:

  1. Raffle tickets. Dave will work on the raffle tickets for the two days he works the raffle.
  2. Website. Marie, Pam & Bill will continue. Suggestions for website changes should be sent to Pam & Marie.
  3. Water testing. Bill and Steve Germain to continue to test water quality on Big Yellow. Ed and Tony or Ed and Chuck will test Little Yellow.
  4. Liaison between YLRA & BCL&R. Bill to continue for a period of time.
  5. Leadership role for bigger projects. To be determined when projects are established.
  6. Ike Walton dock. Bill to work with Ed, Ken and Rick.
  7. Liaison between Eric Lindberg and YLRA. David will assume this role.

Jon Papke and Chuck Eifler were both unanimously voted as alternate board members at last Fall Membership mtg. After discussion, Ken made motion that Jon Papke be a board member. The motion was seconded by David and the motion passed.

The scheduling of volunteers for the meat raffle for this winter was discussed. Carol did this last winter but is not able to do it this winter. Marie said she is working on this and that John Klatt is helping. Volunteers are still needed for many of the Saturdays. There will not be a meat raffle on Feb 23, 2013. Ed will make a pitch for volunteers at the meat raffle today.

Ed brought up long term and short term goals. The CLPW challenge is still with us. David will contact Bill and get all the information Bill has on DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) and Aquacleaner Environmental. Dave will write an article on DASH for the February newsletter.

The submerged pylons in Yellow River, downstream from Little Yellow Lake, were discussed. Jayne & Bob Schwartz will investigate approved markers for installation in the spring.

Ken suggested the following YLRA website updates:

  1. Move the "Final YLRA Aquatic Plant Management Plan" from the "Announcement" tab to the "Aquatic Plant Management Plan" tab.
  2. Move the "Yellow Lake and River Association History File" from the "Announcement" tab to the "History" tab.
  3. Delete Minutes for 2011 mtgs from the website.
  4. Ken to write an article for the "Bridge Update" tab based on the information on the bridge received from Tom Nielsen of Union Township.
  5. Jon Papke should replace Bill Yorkson on the board member listing and on the "2012" chart.
  6. Add dates and locations for Picnic & Fall Meetings.

Marie said the next newsletter should go out the middle of February and that she will need the articles by Feb 7, 2013.

Ed brought up the information received from Bob Albright on a type and price of a scanner required to make a back up CD copy of the yearly YLRA documents filed in the History File at Burnett County Historical Society. Both "Neat Desk" and "Brother" manufacture a two sided scanner for about $350-$360. David made a motion, seconded by Jon, that Ken be authorized to investigate and purchase a two-sided scanner for up to $425. The motion carried. Marie said the newsletters are currently stored as PDF files.

David Discussed the Dec 31, 2012 completion of our 3 year grant from the DNR on I-LIDS. Eric Lindberg needs to complete the final report for which he has received a 6 month extension. YLRA still has a payment due from DNR for this grant. The board discussed the need for ramp inspectors for the 2013 summer. There are grants available for paying for ramp inspectors. The Northland College students that we have used in the past are not available again for 2013. The decision was made not to apply for the grant and not to have ramp inspectors this summer. We will continue to have the cameras and voice messages at all three public landings on Big Yellow Lake.

Ed brought up for discussion a January 4, 2013 email he received from Eric Lindberg. YLRA now owns the I-LIDS equipment and infrastructure. Now we need only to contract with Environmental Sentry Protection for monthly operation & video capture ($3600), install cameras in spring and de-install cameras in fall ($1200) and video review ($750) for a total of $5550. Eric Recommended that we upgrade to HD cameras at $300 each for a total of $900. After discussion Jayne made a motion, seconded by Ken that we contract with Eric for the $5550 worth of work but that we do not upgrade to the HD cameras at this time. The motion passed. Ed will get back to Eric on the decision on the dollar amounts on service and operations and David will get back to Eric on the decisions on the grant application.

The board decided on the following meeting dates:

January 5, 2013

Board mtg

April 13, 3013

Board mtg

May 18, 2013

Board Mtg

June 8, 2013

Association Picnic

July 13, 2013

Board mtg

August 10, 2013

Board mtg

September 14, 1013

Association Fall mtg

Sept 14, 2013

Board mtg

The locations for the picnic and the fall mtg were discussed. It was decided the Picnic will be at Ike Walton's and the fall mtg will be at the Fort. Ed will contact Ike Walton's and Ken will contact the Fort for the reservations.

It was decided that the Board mtgs for 2013 will be held at Zia Louisa.

A motion for adjournment was passed at 10:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kenneth Schultz, Secretary