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Webster, WI54893

Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting July 11, 2015 at the 10th Hole

(to be reviewed and approved at the August 8, 2015 Board Meeting)

President Jon Papke called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM.


Jon Papke, President
Ed Collova, V.P.
Marie King, Treasurer
Dan Haumschild

Chuck Eifler
Tony Rutter
Nancy Lewis
Jack Brunell

Jim Buhil, Secretary
Dennis Kruger
David Guay

We held a minute of silence honoring Dennis Kruger.

The minutes from YLRA board meeting held on May 2, 2015 had been previously distributed by email
Marie handed out a Treasurer’s Report with year to date income, expenses and comparison to last year. The balance on June 29 was $97,113.88. Ed Collova made a motion to accept the report. Chuck Eifler seconded the motion, motion passed.

Committee Reports
Aquatic Invasive Species – Dave Guay was not present but is working on a plan to cut weeds on the river in 2016. We have requested Dave to write a short high level note for the Newsletter on the amoeba issues that have taken a life in Minnesota. It should send interested readers to a web site.
Water Quality – The water on Little Yellow recently showed a clarity of 5.75 feet on a Secci Disk.
Water Level – The water level is high side of normal. It has gone up due to heavy rains.
Meat Raffle – The meat raffle needs a Coordinator. We need to write up a statement on what we do with the money from the meat raffle to handle questions from participants and to put on the web site.
Membership – No two for one new membership applications have come in.
Newsletter – The newsletter is being prepared. Dave Guay should write an article on AIS status.
Website – The website should have the updated bylaws. The paragraph on what we do with meat raffle money should be added.
Nominating Committee – The board will act as a nominating committee. Ed Collova made a motion to appoint Dan Haumschild to fill a vacant position. Nancy Lewis seconded it, the Board approved. We will need one board member and two alternate members to vote on at the Fall Meeting.

Other Business – Bridge, nothing new.

Burnett Lakes and River Association Meeting – Bill Yorkson reported Yellow Lake status at the BLRA meeting.

Fall Annual Meeting – Ed Collova will contact the sheriff for someone to speak and answer questions at the Fall Meeting. We need a menu for the newsletter.

New Business – Petition from Jamison channel neighbors. We reviewed a petition requesting YLRA help opening up the entrance to a channel at the end of Jamison Road.

The petitioners will have to research with the DNR on permits, how to clean it out and cost, and legal as to the question if the channel is public.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:11 am.

Submitted by,
Jack Brunell, Alternate Board Member