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Webster, WI54893

2013 YLRA Membership Meeting & Picnic at Ike Walton's June 6, 2013 (12:00 Noon)


President Ed Collova welcomed 98 members to the Membership Meeting and Picnic. Ed introduced the Board Members.

The association members were served a lunch of hamburgers, pork loin, salads, beans, dessert as well as beer, pop & water. The buffet was well done by the Ike Walton's staff as acknowledged by Ed.

Ed gave an update on the Yellow Lakes narrow bridge. The bridge is now on the state's bridge replacement list. It could still be two years before any work is being done. The design needs to be done and competitive bids taken before construction can begin.

Ed announced that Rick Doering has taken leave of his long held position as head of the Lakes and River Water Level Committee. Board member Tony Rutter has volunteered to take over this position.

David Guay discussed the DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) method of controlling Curly-leaf Pond Weed. David is working with a New York firm that has the equipment. Jerry Davis, the president of the New York firm, hopes to have a Wisconsin firm representing the equipment by the end of the summer. The system seems to have advantages over other systems the board has investigated. The research will continue. Permits will be required from the DNR before anything can proceed. The goal is to be able to do a "test navigation channel" next spring. Dave will report again to the membership at the Fall Meeting.

Ed thanked all of the volunteers of the very successful meat raffle that happens every Saturday at Yellow Lake Lodge. Special credit was given to Dennis and Carol Kruger, John & Maureen Klatt and Marie King for their management of the raffle.

Questions asked from the members related to the height of the proposed bridge? (Not known as yet) and can the Association ask the Burnett County water patrol to spend more time this summer on the Yellow Lakes and River because speeding and wake damage continues? (The request will be made).

Ed thanked everyone for attending.

Ken Schultz, Secretary