PO Box 342
Webster, WI54893

Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting May 18, 2013 at Zia Louisa

(To be reviewed and approved at the 7/8/13 or 8/13/13 Board Meeting)

President Ed Collova called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.


Ed Collova, President
Ken Schultz, Secretary
Tony Rutter
David Quay 

Jayne Schwartz
Dennis Kruger
Chuck Eifler, Alternate

Carol Schjei, V.P.
Marie King, Treasurer
Jon Papke

Ken reviewed the Minutes from the April 13, 2013 Board Mtg. Tony made a motion for approval, seconded by David and the motion passed.

Ed gave the Treasurer's report in Marie's absence. The bank balance as of May 17, 2013 is $66787.05 and the last check written was 5722. Marie has been meeting with Rochelle Taylor of Avion Accounting Inc of Siren, WI on the certified Financial Audit for YLRA through the end of 2012. Ed said there are some questions that need to be answered for the completion of the audit. Ed and Marie will meet with Rochelle Taylor for resolution. David will email Eric Lindberg to be certain he has received everything needed for YLRA to receive the final grant payment from the DNR. Tony moved that the Treasurer's Report be approved, seconded by Jayne and the motion passed.

Ed discussed the need for volunteers at the picnic on June 8, 2013 at Ike Walton's. It was felt that Linda Collova, Maureen Guay, Carol Schjei, May Schultz and other board members would be available to help.

Ed reported on his investigation on a portable public address system for YLRA's use. Ed felt that the Fort's system works well for the Fall Meeting; that we can borrow the snowmobile club's system for use at the picnic, and that the system at the Yellow Lake Lodge can be made to work for the meat raffles. Tony mad a motion that YLRA pay ½ of the cost of service calls on the Yellow Lake Lodge system to be certain it is in good working order. The motion was seconded by Jayne and the motion passed.

The need for a water level committee chairperson was discussed. Chuck was willing to do it but now has some medical issues that prevent him for accepting the role. Tony said he will contact Rick Doering with Ed's help and will then let the board know if it is a position that he will accept.

The meat raffle was discussed to see if there is any way to improve the very successful program. A cash round at the beginning of the raffle was discussed and rejected. The ad for a director for the winter was discussed and is in process. Dennis said everything continues to work well but there is always a need to get people to volunteer to help. Dennis made a motion that we give each person working the raffle 2 -$5 gift cards and 4 drink tickets which is an additional 2 drink tickets from what we have been doing. Tony seconded the motion and the motion passed. The need to update the website information regarding the meat raffle was discussed and David volunteered to look into it.

David reported on his investigation into DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) for control of Curly-Leaf Pond Weed. David had a conversation with Jerry Davis, president of the New York firm that has the DASH equipment. Jerry Davis hopes to have a Wisconsin distributor for his equipment by the end of the summer. The purchase price for the equipment is approximately $18,000 plus for the pontoon and compressor. The cost of the barge for receiving the plantings discharged during the section harvest are about $4,000. David learned that "divers" are not required. Dave will look into permit requirements of the DNR, feasibility of doing a "test area" and the need for liability insurance. David will give a report on DASH to the membership at the picnic.

There could be a short board meeting, if needed, after the picnic on June 8, 2013. The next regular board meeting will be July 13, 2013 at Zia Louisa's.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kenneth Schultz, Secretary