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Webster, WI54893

Minutes of YLRA Board Meeting November 2, 2013 at Zia Louisa

(To be reviewed and approved at the 1/18/14 Board Meeting)

President Jon Papke called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.


Jon Papke, President
Ed Collova, V.P.
Ken Schultz, Secretary
Marie King, Treasurer
David Quay 

Chuck Eifler
Dennis Kruger
Tony Rutter
Nancy Lewis
Pat Amundsen, Alternate



Ken gave the Secretary's Report covering the board meetings of August 10, 2013 and Sept 14, 2013. Tony made a motion, seconded by Ed that the Minutes of the two meetings be approved and the motion carried.

YLRA member Rick Doering attended the meeting requesting that the board discuss and take a position on the issue of placement of trailers, fifth wheels or park models in areas zoned as residential on lake and river property. The board discussed if this is an issue that the YLRA should be involved in. The YLRA Position Statement as posted on our website states:

The yellow Lakes and River Association (YLRA) directs all its efforts to representing the interest of the property owners of the Yellow lakes and on the Yellow River….

If other than permanent homes are built on the lake and river shorelines it could affect the real estate values of the property owners.

In preparation for this requested discussion Nancy had several discussions with the Burnett County Zoning Office. The Zoning Office provided Nancy with copies of pages from the State Administration Code and County Ordinance covering this specific issue. The County Ordinance in effect is very specific what is allowed and what is not. Ed made a motion, seconded by Marie, that President Jon Papke prepares a draft letter from YLRA in support of the ordinances requesting that the County enforce them. The motion carried. The ordinance does cover camps, private camp grounds or planned unit developments where "camping units" can be legally placed.

There is a "permitting hearing" on Tuesday 12/6/13 at 6:00 PM regarding an application for approval to place a two story park model on a property that has only 20 feet of shoreline on Yellow Lake. David will attend this meeting representing YLRA.

Jon stated that we should review the YLRA Mission Statement.

Marie's Treasurer's Report showed a bank balance of $82,411.30 on 10/28/13. The last check written on that date was #5761. Marie has been working with Rochelle Taylor of Avion Accounting of Siren and the YLRA tax returns have been completed. Rochelle is also working on the YLRA application for 503C Non Profit status. The two items still needed for the application are a Conflict of Interest Policy of YLRA and a 1023 form stating why YLRA should be considered for non-profit status. Both items are needed by the end of November. The filing fee is $850. Ed and Marie will work on these two requested items. Ed made a motion, seconded by Dennis, that the Treasurer's Report be approved. The motion carried.

The meat raffle's need for volunteers was discussed. There are 27 weeks during the winter when more volunteers are needed. Marie has been working on this and ½ of the weeks are covered. Marie has prepared a schedule for the 27 weeks which was passed around the meeting for more volunteers.

Marie mad a motion, seconded by Tony, that the four board members approved to sign checks be Ed, Dennis, Chuck and Marie. The motion passed. Ken will prepare a statement that Marie can give to our bank covering the above decision.

Dave reported on the DASH approach to controlling Curley-leaf Pondweed (CLP). Many Waters LLC, from Iron River, Michigan has not responded to Dave's requests for information and tours. Dave said we need to revise our Aquatic Plant Management Plan before anything can be done. Before doing that, Dave will request a meeting with the DNR asking what we need to do to get approval for DASH for a "Test Area" on Little Yellow Lake. Dave will also send a letter to Little Yellow Lake property owners asking them to put in writing their frustrations regarding CLP on their lakeshore. This information will then be given to the DNR.

The 2014 YLRA meeting schedule was discussed. The next board meeting will be January 18, 2014 at 8:00 AM at Zia Louisa. The Membership Picnic will be June 7, 2014 at White Tail. The Fall Membership meeting will be September 13, 2014 at the Fort. Ed will make arrangements for the Picnic and Ken will make the arrangements for the Fall Meeting.

We discussed again the benefits of having a "Lake District" where all property owners pay up to a 2.5 mill tax to maintain, protect and improve the quality of a lake and its watershed. It would be good to have but difficult to get approval on was the consensus.

Ken made a motion that YLRA again donate $500 to "Christmas at the Fort". Marie seconded the motion and the motion passed. Ken will deliver the check and obtain a thank-you receipt.

Ed has been checking why the Burnett County Vacationer Magazine for 2013-2014 has erroneously listed a "Yellow Lakes and River Association Ice Fishing Contest on January 18, 2014" YLRA decided some time ago to stop sponsoring fishing contests because of the spread of invasive species. The Webster School Athletic Department has sponsored fishing contests in the past using YLRA name on the permit. It must have been a carry-over from that and the school is not involved and apologized for the confusion.

Rick Doering, past chairman of the YLRA Water Level Committee and Tony Rutter current chairman, will attend a meeting on November 14, 2013 at 1:00 PM at Yellow Lake Lodge. The meeting is being set up by Gary Rast, the Regulatory/Compliance Manager for Renewable Energies, LLC, which operates the dam on the Yellow River at Danbury.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kenneth Schultz, Secretary