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Minutes of YLRA Fall Membership Meeting at Forts Folle Avione, Sept 10, 2016

(To be reviewed and approved at the Fall Membership Mtg in 2016)

Vice President Ed Collova welcomed everyone and invited them to lunch.

At 12:35 pm the meeting was called to order by Ed Collova. Ed also reviewed the agenda for the meeting.

Guest speakers Sheriff Ron Wilhelm and Deputy Ryan Bybee were introduced by Ed Collova. Ron Wilhelm reviewed what has been happening in Burnett County. Meth and burglaries are the two most common problems, and they go hand in hand. Two burglars have been apprehended, which Ron stated were connected to multiple burglaries. The meth labs are gone in Burnett County, but meth is being brought in from Mexico. Ron has been working on getting a canine to help out with finding drugs. A canine can search an area in far less time saving man hours. A canine is also very valuable in traffic stops. The canine is not currently on the force, hopefully by years end.

Ron Wilhelm introduced Ryan Bybee. Ryan is in charge of patrolling lakes, rivers, trails, etc. Ryan said Yellow Lakes and River have been very safe this year. No citations have been issued for AIS (aquatic invasive species) violations either. The floor was opened up for questions.

All questions from the floor were answered by Ron Wilhelm.
Q. Is the meth problem declining?
A. No, still climbing. These meth runners do their homework. They know where we are and what we drive, etc.
Q. Between the two burglars caught what percentage of burglaries were they connected to?
A. 25% maybe many more burglaries out there. The best way to protect your self is record serial numbers on valuables. Stay in touch with your neighbors and watch each other’s property.
Q. Have there been boat thefts on Yellow Lakes and River?
A. Yes, items have been taken from boats. Items like batteries, gas cans, fishing poles. Do not leave these items in your boat in plain sight. Gun theft is also a problem; do not leave your guns in your cabin when gone. Burglars know who is a resident or cabin owner.

Ed Collova introduced guest speaker Russ from WRE (World Renewable Energy) owners of the power dam in Danbury. The floor was opened up for questions.
Q. When will the dam start operating?
A. The lower generator is producing power, but the upper generator is still up in the air for replacement. The dam is manually regulating the release of water through the dam.
Q. With the St. Croix River high due to rains, were you restricted on how much water you could release?
A. No. We still released water at the regulated parameters.

Secretary’s report – Jim Buhil asked the floor for a motion to suspend the reading of minutes from last year’s membership meeting.  Minutes were given to everyone as they signed in. Marie King made a motion to suspend the reading of the minutes. Dick LaPlante seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report – Marie King passed out treasurer’s reports from 1/1/2015 – 12/31/2015 and 1/1/2016 – 8/31/2016. These reports showed the income and expenses for those time periods. Current checking account balance as of 8/31/2016 is $109.576.52. Jerry Vogel made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Dick LaPlante seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Election of board - Ed Collova opened the floor for nominations. No nominations came from the floor. One alternate position was still not filled. Kent Warner volunteered for the alternate position. Bill Powell made a motion to accept the white ballot and Kent Warner as alternate. Marie King seconded the motion. Motion passed.

AIS – Rich Kenny reported on weed harvesting. Rich is working with a property owner on Little Yellow for access to harvest weeds. A question was asked if all permits were in place. Rich explained the AIS consultant who works for YLRA did not see any issues getting harvesting permits for Little Yellow. Ed Collova said the Japanese Knotweed had been sprayed on Big Yellow. Results are visible with the weed turning brown.

Water testing – Tony Rutter has been testing water for 5 years. He received a letter explaining the results of testing are used throughout the USA to monitor water clarity. Tony also received a pin for his efforts.

Mary Eifler reported on the bridge by Yellow Lake Lodge. Mary is the Deputy Clerk of Union township. Union township is the owner of the bridge. The bridge is tested every year for structural integrity. The bridge would need to get a low inspection report before being placed on a repair/replace list.

The floor was opened up for questions. Jerry Vogel made a motion to donate $1000.00 to the sheriff’s department for the canine. Mike Morrison seconded the motion. Motion passed by the membership.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Submitted by
Jim Buhil, Secretary