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Minutes of YLRA Fall Membership Meeting at Forts Folle Avione, Sept 12, 2015

(To be reviewed and approved at the Fall Membership Mtg in 2016)

President Jon Papke welcomed everyone and invited them to eat. At 12:40pm the meeting was called to order.

Jon Papke reviewed the meeting agenda to everyone. Jon recognized the passing of Dennis Kruger with a moment of silence.

Jon reviewed what YLRA accomplished and continue to work on the past year. Some of the accomplishments were camera updates at the three boat landings, Non-profit status for the association, dock maintenance at the north landing, and the new YLRA signs that are free for members to put on their docks.

Jon thanked the two board members that are not returning to the board Nancy Lewis and Dave Guay. Jon also asked for three volunteers for the AIS management plan committee. The committee needs to be formed before any weed harvesting permits can be applied for.

Deputy Liz Berres and Sgt. Ryan Bybee were introduced from the Burnett county sheriff’s department. Liz reviewed her duties as the recreation patrol deputy. Her duties include ATV trail patrol, boat patrol, and snowmobile trail patrol. Sgt. Ryan Bybee manages the recreation patrol department and helps out with patrolling. The floor was opened up for questions.

Question-Why are there two people patrolling the ATV trails together?
Answer-Policy states that two people are to patrol together. This is for safety reasons. It is also recommended that all ATV trail riders ride with a partner.

Question-Are there any citations given for violations found on the landings cameras?
Answer-Sgt. Bybee explained the laws with weeds being on a boat or trailer. With the snapshot of just the landing and not the entire parking area it is not enough evidence to warrant a citation. The cameras are a very good deterrent.

Question-Do you patrol the Gandy Dancer trail for non-motorized usage?
Answer-No we do not check bikes for trail passes. But we do patrol the Gandy trail for illegal trail usage.
Question-Was a part of county road U opened up to ATV usage?
Answer-The part of county road U in question is from East Bass Lake Rd to North Yellow Lake Rd. It is before the township board for a vote as of now.

Question-What are some of the most common citations given to ATV violators?
Answer-Spark arresters are the most common. Followed by underage operation and non-registration

Question-Does the Burnett county citizens patrol give tips to assist with citations?
Answer-Yes with the tips we receive from them on a weekly basis citations have been issued. Sgt. Bybee thanked all of those involved in the citizen’s patrol.

Secretary’s report-Jim Buhil reviewed the minutes from last year’s meeting. Ed Collova made a motion to accept the minutes. Pat Amundson seconded the motion. Motion Passed

Treasurer’s repot-Marie King had passed out a treasurer’s report from 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014 and a report from 1/1/2015 – 9/5/2015. These report listed income and expense for these time periods. Marie said as of 9/5/2015 there was $96,555.39in the checking account. Dick Laplante made a notion to approve the treasurer’s report. Pat Amundson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Jon Papke reviewed the voting ballot with everyone. Running for the four board director openings are Chuck Eifler, Tony Rutter, Jack Brunell, and Rich Kenny. Jon opened up the floor for nominations. Two nominations came from the floor for the two alternate openings Tim McGannon and Bill Powell accepted. Marie King made a motion to close nominations and accept the ballot, Nancy Lewis seconded the motion. The motion passed with a vote of hands.

Dave Guay reported on AIS (aquatic invasive species). Dave stressed the need for three volunteers for the AIS Management Plan Committee. Without the committee formed YLRA can’t move forward on weed harvesting. Ed Collova reported on a new weed found on the north shore of Big Yellow. Japanese Knotweed grows on the shore and seems to have been here for several years. The board will seek more information on this weed and what action should be taken.

Tony Rutter gave a report on water level. The current level is up from normal, due to the recent heavy rainfall. Tony also discussed the power dam is maintaining water flow inside their regulated levels. These are federal regulated levels.

The floor was opened up to questions. None came from the floor.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm.

Submitted by,
Jim Buhil, Secretary