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Minutes of YLRA Fall Membership Meeting at Forts Folle Avione, Sept 14, 2013

(To be reviewed and approved at the Fall Membership Mtg in 2014)

President Ed Collova welcomed everyone to the Fall Membership Meeting. Ed informed the membership that for the board election today we only have 3 candidates for the 6 open positions on the board. Ed asked the members to consider running for the board or to nominate or write-in other candidates that are willing to serve. The election will be held after lunch is served.

Lunch for 80 members was served at 12:00 noon. Lunch served was:

Zesty slow cooked Chicken Barbecue (on bun)
Sausage and Egg Bake
Broccoli Salad
Apples and cream Dessert Squares
Coffee, soda, and bottled water

After lunch Ed began the business meeting calling for candidates for the board either by nominations from the floor or by write-in. Ed explained the positions on the board are two year positions and the "alternate" position is for one year. An "alternate" is encouraged to attend the board meetings and can express opinions but cannot make a motion or vote. If a board member does not complete their term then an "alternate" takes their position on the board.

Nancy Lewis volunteered to run for a board position! Pat Amundsen volunteered to run for an "Alternate" position! With four candidates for the four open board positions and one candidate for the two open alternate positions, Ed Collova then asked for a motion for "unanimous approval for the 2013 slate of nominees". Harold Snyder made the motion. Dick LaPlante seconded the motion and the motion passed. Elected to two year positions on the board of directors were Chuck Eifler, David Guay, Nancy Lewis and Tony Rutter. Pat Amundsen was elected to serve a one year term as an alternate board member.

The returning board members are Marie King, Dennis Kruger, Ken Schultz, Jon Papke and Ed Collova. Board members Carol Schjei and Jayne Schwartz have completed their terms on the board. Ed thanked Carol and Jayne for the valuable contributions they have made to YLRA. Ed also thanked Barb Raddatz and Ken MacLean for volunteering to be the election judges again this year. A member said that President Ed Collova has done an outstanding job. The applause showed that the membership agreed with her!

Ken Schultz gave the Secretary's Report covering the membership meeting of 2012. David Guay made a motion for approval, seconded by Dennis Kruger, and the motion passed.

Marie King gave the Treasurer's Report showing a bank balance on 12/31/2012 of $65509.56 and a bank balance on 9/7/2013 of $78466.95 (see attached Treasurer's Report). David Guay made a motion for approval, seconded by Tony Rutter, and the motion passed.

Ed introduced Ken Pardun and Ethan Purkapile of the Burnett County Sheriff's Department Forestry/Recreation Division headed by Ryan Bybee. Their responsibility is to patrol the rivers, lakes and trails of Burnett County. They were at the meeting to answer any questions our members have about rules and regulations covering waterways and trails.

Ken and Ethan handed out a pamphlet covering Utility Terrain Vehicles a pamphlet on All Terrain Vehicles, and the Handbook on Wisconsin Boating Laws.

The questions and responses were as follows:

Q. What is the legal age when a life vest is required?
R. Children under the age of 13 must wear an approved life vest when a boat is in motion.
Q. What is legal age for running an ATV?
R. Riders must be at least 12 years old and born on or after Jan 1, 1988 and in addition must have a Safety Education Certificate. Children under the age of 12 can ride with a parent or legal guardian and must be wearing a helmet.
Q. What are the laws for riding a golf cart on public roads?
R. They are not allowed.
Q. What are rules on noisy fireworks late at night?
R. Fireworks are tolerated to some extent on the 4th of July but at other times complaints will be investigated. Fireworks for Wisconsin residents are illegal.
Q. What can a person do when No Wake Zones are violated?
R. Try to get the registration number of the water vehicle and then call the Sheriff's Office. It can be either a Wisconsin or Minnesota registration and still be processed to learn the owner. Try to get description or picture of the violator.
Q. How old must a child be to run a motorboat?
R. A person under 10 may not run a motorboat. A person 10 or 11 may operate a motorboat if accompanied by a parent, guardian or a person at least 18 years old who is approved by the parent or guardian.

(Other rules covering motorboats and ATVs are covered in the pamphlets that were handed out.)

Ken and Ethan thanked YLRA for the invitation to discuss the rules and regulations. They said that Burnett County is large with many lakes, rivers, and trails and they can cover only a limited number in a day's time. They asked that we be vigilant and call their department when we see violations happening. Ken and Ethan were given a very enthusiastic round of applause.

Dennis Kruger discussed the YLRA Mat Raffle and thanked all of the volunteers who help make it the most successful meat raffle in the County. He said Glen and Judy Dreier deserve a special thank you for the help they give just about every week. John & Maureen Klatt will not be able to manage the meat raffle this winter as they have done in the past so additional volunteers are needed. Marie King works a lot of meat raffles in the winter but she spends the month of March in Florida. Marie has a sign-up sheet for each winter Saturday if members can help so please see Marie after the meeting.

David Guay reported on the investigation into methods for controlling Curley-leaf Pondweed (CLP). Chemical treatment has been studied but it has so many drawbacks that it is not a favored treatment. In the last couple of years the DASH method (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) is gaining use where DASH divers gently pull the offending plant out of the lake bottom and allow it to be sucked up into an 8"-diameter flexible hose and into a collection bag. Subsequently, the plant load is transferred to a land site where it is composted. David has had several conversations with Jerry Davis, President of Aquacleaner Environmental on the East Coast. They still do not have representation in Wisconsin.

Many Waters LLC, locate in Iron River, MI does DASH work and is registered in Wisconsin and is recommended by the DNR in Rhinelander, WI. They are currently doing three projects in Wisconsin. On one lake they are clearing 4.2 acres of milfoil. Cost estimate for DASH is $1300 per acre. Little Yellow is 380 acres with about 125 acres of CLP. At $1300/acre it would cost $163000 for a one time clearing. It will take more than one time for effective control.

If YLRA hopes to get a DNR permit, even for a test area, we would first need to revise our Aquatic Plant Management Plan. We need to continue to look for grants to help cover the cost.

A question was asked about YLRA purchasing the DASH equipment and then renting it out to other Lake Associations? Dave said the liability is huge even for us to do it on our lakes with equipment we own and then it would be compounded if we rent out to others.

Ed opened the meeting up for questions from the membership.
Q. What is the status of the new bridge between the two lakes?
R. The funding is proceeding through the government channels but not rapidly.
Q. When the bridge is being designed will it be open for input from the public?
R. When the design engineer is selected they will hold meetings for input from the public. If not, we will request it.
Q. Why isn't there a public access on Little Yellow?
R. All lots on Little Yellow are privately owned. At one time there was a possible location across from the public landing in Yellow but it was deemed to be a protected frog habitat.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Kenneth Schultz, Secretary
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