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Attention boaters, fisherman, hunters and jet ski operators
May 14, 2008

There is a new ordinance in Burnett County that makes it illegal for people to have plants or aquatic animals attached to your watercraft or trailer when launching or when that unit is on any public road in the county.

A violation of the new county ordinance will charge the offender with a county ordinance citation of $154.50 and increase with multiple violations.

There are simple steps to avoid the citation.

Clean all mud, plant matter and animal matter from your watercraft and its trailer.

Check everything since a two-inch piece of milfoil can infect our waters.

Drain every bit of water from your bilge, fish tanks and engine cooling system before leaving the launch site at a lake you were using.

If your watercraft came from a VHS infected water, power wash it with soap and rinse live wells and bile with small amounts of bleach in the wash water which will aid in killing some infection strains.

Letting your boat dry for at least five days before using is another method of killing off invasives.

For further information, visit the DNR website, www.dnr.wisconsin.gov. When you get to the invasives site, search for key word "aquatic."